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About Phase Consultants

Our aim is to provide top quality, independent professional advice for property-based businesses in relation to safety, health and environmental matters.


Our professional advisors draw upon our wide experience in property management and consultancy, working with some of the UK’s largest property owners and the leading professional advisers and academic bodies in the sector. We have an in-depth understanding of the practical needs of property owners, occupiers and their contractors in the running of their businesses.


Our clients use us to provide clear, practical systems and advice for the management of safety, health and associated environmental matters, to monitor the business environment continuously, and to provide clear guidance on emerging issues relevant to their businesses.

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Phase Consultants Limited is regulated by RICS for the provision of surveying services. This means we agree to uphold the RICS Rules of Conduct and all other applicable mandatory professional practice requirements of RICS, which can be found at As an RICS regulated firm we have committed to cooperating with RICS in ensuring compliance with its standards. The firm’s nominated RICS Responsible Principal is James Bridgland, Chartered Surveyor.

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Our Team

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Our Finance Director and administrative personnel have experience in risk assessment processes, business management and associated IT and communication technologies, including management of an extensive technical resources database.

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Professional memberships:

Professional memberships held by our team provide access to extensive industry information and resources to ensure that advice is up to date and of the highest quality, including:

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