CDM Regulations 2015

The new CDM Regulations are effective from 6 April 2015 and introduce important changes which bring a more formal management system to smaller building jobs and which anyone involved in such work needs to plan for.

The key changes are as follows:

• Abolition of the CDM Coordinator role.
• More duties for Clients, including “domestic” clients.
• A new role of “Principal Designer”.
• Three categories of jobs, being:
– Single contractor jobs.
– Multiple contractor jobs.
– Notifiable projects.
• Construction Phase Plan for all projects.
• Health and Safety File for all multiple contractor jobs.
• Appointments of dutyholders as follows for multiple contractor jobs:
– Client.
– Principal Designer.
– Designer(s).
– Principal Contractor.
– Contractor(s).

Each dutyholder has specific duties under the regulations and there are a number of cross-referencing clauses requiring dutyholders to check that other parties understand their duties.

Managers need to familiarise themselves with the new rules and how to implement them. Particular matters to address include:

• Briefing team members.
• Developing a Construction Phase Plan format.
• Understanding the new Principal Designer role.
• Management of risks at the design stage.
• Procedures for liaising with contractors.

Many property managers will, simultaneously, be taking on the roles of Client, Principal Designer and Principal Contractor and so they need to develop practical systems to deal with this, working with their health and safety adviser who can provide technical input in a supporting role.

The HSE guidance and accompanying information is available from the HSE website. A concise briefing is available from our advisers.

Article added: March 26th, 2015